"Outline" Range

Welcome to the new stunning range fresh for 2022. The Outline range is a fully customizable ultra modern kitchen door.

You can choose and bespoke all aspects of the door from handle choice, backplate colour and of course which range of door you want to make into an outline door. Linear slab doors and Classic Shaker doors can all be transformed with the Outline detail

Outline Brochure

 “Outline” the handleless door with an integrated handle which offers truly bespoke options. You can choose to have a round opening for the handle, a channel or a groove. All of which come with optional backplate colours 

This will open the brochure into full page mode so you get a larger and clearer view of all the available options.

Handleless Kitchen Doors

Here you will find the main kitchen door brochure which includes all door ranges including the J pull and True handleless doors. There will be a another brochure below which explains the set up on a true handleless kitchen cabinet.

The J Pull Kitchens section starts at Page 60.

True Handleless kitchens start at page 76

 We also traditional shaker doors with the true handless option which really does throw in another unique dynamic to kitchen design.

You may have a victorian property and want something in keeping with the building yet be a more modern example and this is where the shaker handleless kitchens come into their own.

Handleless Rail Guide

The handleless kitchen guide is an excellent source of information for all and any questions regarding the true handleless kitchen range.

It covers aluminium rail profiles and how they work, colours available and also all details on which door styles are compatible with the handleless rail system.

The guide also explains how we fit the handleless rail system around appliances such as ovens, washing machines and dishwashers.

The guide does go into alot of detail on fittings and some of the info is aimed at installers however we find it very useful even for the homeowner to understand exactly how these profiles work.

Minimalist Designs

Sleek and Ultra Modern Handleless Kitchens

Live minimalism is not about a ‘wrap’ or visual look. It refers to feeling.


What Can We Offer

Our Kitchen fitting services come with over 20 years hands on design experience with Nevin our company founder who has not only undertaken kitchen design courses but has also worked hands on fitting kitchens so has lots of experience on both sides of the business.

Design and planning is only one aspect of our business. You can have the best ideas and designs in the world and they are useless without the experience and knowledge of the best fitters around. Having worked together continuously over the years Nevin and our  fitters have an excellent understanding of what each expects.

3D Visualization

3D Images confirmed weeks prior to starting work

Personal Touch

Being a small company you will receive One 2 One attention throught your project