Nick and Lyndsey got in touch with NMB back in early 2019 to talk to us about an idea they had to relocate their current kitchen into what was then the kids playroom. This would involve opening up some walls and blocking up others, creating a new fire regulated stairway, changing rear window and patio doors into one large sliding patio and changing the flat roof into a pitche roof with velux windows.

Of course once all that had been done we were then to relocate all services into the new space and install the kitchen

Kitchen Design. 

So the remit was to provide something with a minimalist design to give a feeling of space while increasing storage space they already had. We also needed to incorporate a seating area and somewhere to house the TV and books.

The solutions as you can see was to provide a handleless kitchen and an all white quartz worktop. Bookshelves were incorporated along the old kitchen wall and house the tv while the L-shape island also incorporates a bespoke seating are with lift up seats providing yet more storage space underneath.

Nevin Smith
project type:
Kitchen Refurb
6 Weeks
November 22, 2020