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Kitchen Fitters


Are you looking for dependable and local kitchen fitters in your areaLook no further! In this discussion, we’ll talk over everything you need to know about local kitchen fitters, from the benefits of hiring one to how to handpick the right one for your requirements.

What are local kitchen fitters?

Local kitchen fitters are professionals who specialize in the installation and fitting of new designer and bespoke kitchens. They’ve the knowledge and experience to handle all aspects of a kitchen installation, from initial visit and measuring the space to designing and fitting the cupboards, worktops, and appliances.

Advantages of hiring local kitchen fitters


Local kitchen fitters have the know-how and skills to give high quality services and will know the best places in your area to buy associated goods and materials necessary to complete the job to a high standard.

They’re knowledgeable about the latest trends and technologies in the industry, and can offer advice and suggestions to help you produce your dream kitchen.

Time saving 

Kitchen installation can be a time consuming processespecially if you’re doing it yourself. Hiring a local kitchen fitter can save you time and hassle, as they will handle all aspects of the installation, from delivery to clean up. With NMB you also dont have the additional hassle of finding your own plumber or electrician we have all that in order.

Cost effective 

Hiring a local kitchen fitter can also be cost effective in the long run. They already have connections with local trades in your area. They can aid you choose the right materials and appliances for your budget, and their know-how can insure that the installation is done properlyreducing the pitfall of expensive miscalculations.

Guaranteed work 

Most reputable local kitchen fitters will offer a guarantee on their workgiving you peace of mind that your kitchen installation is in good hands. NMB offer guarantees on all apsects of the work from the cabinets and kitchen doors to the plumbing and electrical work.

Choosing the right local kitchen fitter

It’s important to choose a local kitchen fitter with a good character in the communityLook for reviews and testimonies online, or ask for recommendations from friends or family. A quick search of the company name in google should return lots of places where you can check reviews and company history.


Check how long the kitchen fitter has been in business, and whether they’ve expertise in handling projects comparable to yours.


Look for accreditations and certificatessuch as membership in professional associations or certification from manufacturers, which can indicate a advanced position of proficiency and quality

NMB are members of the Federation Of Masterbuilders and our Membership number is 75584 and we have been members since 2014.

Read More on the FMB here 


Choose a local kitchen fitter who communicates easily and regularly and who takes the time to understand your requirements and preferences.


 Ask for a detailed quotation that includes all aspects of the installationincluding paraphernalialabor, and any added chargesBe cautious of quotations that feel too good to be true, as they may not include all the necessary costs.

NMB provide full breakdowns on all costs from doors, cabinets to Plastering, Electrical and any associated building works.


Hiring a local kitchen fitter can be a smart investment for anyone looking to revamp their kitchen. With their know-how, time-saving benefits, and cost– effectiveness, they can help you produce the kitchen of your dreams. When choosing a local kitchen fitter it’s important to consider factors similar as characterexperiencedelegationcommunication, and pricing. By doing your research and choosing the best professional, you can insure a smooth and successful kitchen installation design.

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